<![CDATA[Nappy Model Inc. - Bloggermouth!]]>Tue, 21 Mar 2017 10:53:19 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Thrift store closings:  When greed comes back and bite you!]]>Fri, 17 Mar 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/thrift-store-closings-when-greed-comes-back-and-bite-youI was tickled pink to see the CEO of a small chain of thrift stores across the "Bible Belt" while out shopping on yesterday.  I wanted to say "Hello" and pretend that we were old friends, but he was busy conversing with who I assumed were investors and managers, while some shopper/shoplifter left a cart filled with price tags from items snatched right under their noses.  I laughed when I thought of how disappointed they must be that their pot of gold turned out to be "fools" gold and that their supposed "cash cow" just dropped a load and they fell head first into it. And best of all, greed has come back them smack dab in the middle of their backsides!

Thrift store closings are hot topics these days, well at least among my circle of former thrift lovers.  Yes, I say "former" because many of us have decided that most of our time and dollars are better spent in retail stores.  Uh-huh, "retail", you read it right.  Many of us are going back to retail while watching the list of thrift store closings grow longer and longer.  Thrift store chain Savers, the largest chain of non-profit thrift stores with a total of 350 stores in the US and Canada, is closing a total of 14 stores this spring due to lagging sales performance.  The Salvation Army Family Store of Madison County, Alabama is closing by the end of the month and we can't help but wonder "How in the heck does a thrift store go outta business with all of the free donations and tax credits?"  Even for-profit stores can "pimp" a charity for donations, right?  Then, we discuss discuss our theories of who we think should be next on the "biggest loser" list and why.  

Let's talk about the "who".
It's no secret that a local thrift store is my least favorite.  Aside from a couple of managers and employees, the store is nothing to brag about but definitely something to complain about.  Since changing ownership a few years back, the place has taken a nose dive and I can't help but think "That's what you get!"  They have sucked the fun out of thrifting with a jumbo straw and the remaining customers are all singing in unison "Old thrift store ain't what it used to be!" either to "boogie oogie" or "gospel" instrumentals; whatever's playing at the time.

Now, on to the why.  
They took a perfectly operating store and attempted to transform it into a trash collecting beast, an empire of second-hand goods, but it's slowing but surely going to ruins.  First of all, we don't appreciate "Californy" city slickers trying to play us for fools all in the name of Christianity while collecting our donated goods and adding their profits to the devil's money bag.  That free junk that they sell, a lot of that crap is donated by us, repurchased by us, and then redonated by us. They take it, increase the price each time they resell, then ROTFL as the next thrift addict takes the bait.  But you know how the old saying goes "You can't fool all of the people all of the time so guess who's not donating back anymore? You're right! A lot of "former" thrifters that I know simply refuse to donate any goods plus we're spending as little money as we can when shopping there.  We've learned to feed what's left our addictions by choosing "over priced" items that we like (if we are lucky enough to find any) and then putting most everything back before we leave; enjoying the experience with minimal cost.  Hah!  It's our version of a "nicotine patch" the single thrift cigarette that we puff, snuff out, only to relight it the next day making it last all week!  It's called Thrift Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Hah!  That's what we all are saying.  Employees are getting the best goods and jacking up the prices of Basic Editions and Faded Glory.  Foolish right?  Even the poor folk who care very little about style aren't buying it anymore.  Those cheap, shapeless, worn, torn, and tattered items just sit on the sales floor until sold to the highest bidder in a third world country and the lonely shoe sold to the amputee at a veteran's home. You know a shoe without a mate is in high demand, right?  Of course you didn't know that; only a greedy thrift store owner would!

I sit and shake my head at how an insatiable greed plus Google is driving thrift stores further into a trashy grave. They throw wrenches into their own wheels of productivity, while doing price comparisons with retail chains along with eBay and Poshmark sellers.  They are obsessed with individuals who are making profits on thrifted purchases.  "No way", they say.  "We can't have that!" Then walks in the Processing Sheriff, whips out the pricing gun and the price goes through the roof!  Still shaking my head.

Those slickers thought that we weren't too bright, just because we might see a UFO every now and then, huh? Well, those of us country bumpkins who have been thrifting for years are just sitting back on our bags of valuable goods from days gone by while watching thrift stores play out a sorry hand with a bright red flag pinned to their back ends. Sorry guys, but that bull called greed is charging at cha and we're the cheering crowd!  

Now, it's our time to ROTFL!

<![CDATA[Facebook thrifting groups:  Look before you join!]]>Mon, 13 Mar 2017 14:27:42 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/facebook-thrifting-groups-look-before-you-joinIt was around September of 2016 that I decided to join a Facebook thrifting group.  The administrator gave members permission to post what they wanted, as often as they wanted, which included fashion related as well as inspirational posts.  So, I did what most thrift enthusiasts would have done, I jumped right in posting my 25+ years of goodies; not realizing the significance of the proverb "Look before you leap!"

I started with my vintage Coach collection, offering tips on how to spot a fake and even destroying some of the counterfeits found in my collection.  I then moved on to Dooney & Bourke, Brighton, and on and on.  Remember, I've been thrifting for years and I have a lot of high end stuff...which turned out to be a problem for some. Someone should have told me that Facebook group administrators consider their position as seriously as a powerful billionaire leader of the free world does.  If they feel threatened in any manner and imagine that someone is trying to steal their imaginary spotlight, here comes the wreck-less behavior, the "shadiness" with mud slinging and other childish antics. God forbid that you should cease the "likes" because in all honesty, you're just not that into their style.  It only took me a second to see that those ludicrous posts were directed towards me, but I continued with my "goodie show" while pretending to be unaware of her calculated moves. Apparently, my quality items inflicted some sort of emotional pain (envy) on ole Trump-ess and I would be lying if I said that I didn't begin to enjoy it.

Long story short, when there was no end in sight for my "goodie posts", ole Trump-ess, kicked me out of the White House, I mean the Facebook thrifting group, but not before I had hours and hours of laughs at her expense.  Would I join another group?  Probably not!  If you're thinking of joining a Facebook thrift group, it would be in your best interest to take a sneak peek at the some of the posts.  If they don't align with your taste in fashion, then your posts won't be well received and it won't be long before you're shown the door too!

Here's the Coach bag and blog post that started it all!

Look before you leap!


<![CDATA[Am I in a dark mood?  "Read my lips!"]]>Sat, 11 Mar 2017 00:19:34 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/am-i-in-a-dark-mood-read-my-lipsBlack leggings, black fringed ponchos, black boots, and now black lipstick...hey, what's going on here?  Well, I'm not exactly at a high point in my life, but I'm far from being at my lowest.  Choosing dark clothing and makeup doesn't necessarily mean that you're slipping down a slippery emotional slope, black just happens to be a favorite when it comes to clothing choices.  And it's a little twist on my usual burgundy lipstick...turning it up, up, up until it goes "black"!
<![CDATA[Not a day over 18!]]>Mon, 06 Mar 2017 02:03:34 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/not-a-day-over-18
It's her birthday and she doesn't look a day over 18!  

Loris chose a boho look for her special day with:
A fitted bodycon by Nicki Minaj
OTK boots by Vince Camuto
Fringed hobo bag by B. Mackowsky
Silver coin choker from Walmart
Hat from her grandfather
Bangles by Brighton
​Vintage sunglasses by Wildfox
<![CDATA[Nappy Model Inc.  Here's the deal!]]>Sat, 18 Feb 2017 16:43:08 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/nappy-model-inc-heres-the-dealNot only am I the blogger behind the pretty face of Nappy Model, I'm also her personal shopper.  So, I thrift the stuff, she puts it all together, and then looks cute for the camera.  Simple as that!
Wanna be styled by me, BeBe?  Umm...you will have to get permission from her! 
<![CDATA[Thrift versus retail shopping:  Why we're making a change!]]>Sun, 12 Feb 2017 15:26:05 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/thrift-versus-retail-shopping-why-were-making-a-changeLoris and I have loved thrifting for many years, but due to the increased prices of second-hand items at local thrift stores (which are way past insane), we've decided to spend our dollars elsewhere, and a lot more of them.

Ahhh, the joys of retail shopping:  clean environment, friendly employees who rely on sales commissions, and items that you can actually return for a full refund.  There are sales racks with additional discounts off the sale prices like the awesome deal on Vera Bradley that I enjoyed this past Friday at Dillard's.  Used Vera Bradley bags at thrift stores can range from $9.99 to $19.99 and even higher.  Now, why would anyone pay this price for used VB bags, when Dillard's crossbody hipster bags were marked down to $22.00, plus an additional 20% off with a 30 day return policy?  With savings like those, I purchased a crossbody bag (retail $45.00), lunchbox (retail $34.00), and backpack (retail $104.00) for less than $85.00  Wow!

It makes perfect sense to do the math first, and thrift store prices may not be such a great deal after all! And..Dillard's gives back to the community by supporting our  job readiness training workshops!

We're spending more of our dollars where it counts the most...maybe you should try it!
<![CDATA[Brighton:  You are my sunshine!]]>Sun, 12 Feb 2017 14:39:07 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/brighton-you-are-my-sunshineYesterday was dark and cloudy; a day for staying in your jammies and enjoying a good book but not for this Alabaster City Schools teacher who found her rays of sunshine with Brighton accessories and a much needed shopping spree at Nordstrom Rack.

Her outfit consisted of:

Black and white striped turtleneck from Kohls
Waxed skinny jeans:  Thrifted
Black/animal print loafers:  Sam Edelman (Belk)
Camel corduroy blazer:  Thrifted
Cranberry wool beret:  Express (Thrifted)
Brighton backpack:  Thrifted
Brighton belt:  Thrifted
Brighton stackable bangles:  Gifted

Chase those clouds away with Brighton' accessories!

<![CDATA[Wait before you donate!  Theft and gouging at the thrift store!]]>Wed, 08 Feb 2017 15:22:53 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/wait-before-you-donate-theft-and-gouging-at-the-thrift-storeYou really ought to do your research before donating to a charity store.  Why?

She's an evening manager at a local thrift store.  While pretending to straighten the racks, she is actually selecting the items that she wants, enough clothing to dress the entire family plus grandkids, along with home furnishings for pickup after the day shift has gone.  Later, when the coast is clear, a family member casually loads them into a shopping cart and out of the store.  And...guess who you'll see selling these same items at weekend yard sales? You guessed it!

A lady in Chicago noticed that when certain employees were present, nice purses were absent,  But, on their "off" days, she was able to find nice purses at prices as low as $6.99.  When, she brought this to the the attention of the store manager, he asked if she was reselling the purses that she bought.  Her answer was "no", but she noticed that the nice purses went from hanging on the walls at $6.99 to being locked in display cases with prices from $69.99 to $89.99 to a whopping $129.99!  These prices are for used handbags (retired patterns), not new with tags, but visibly worn bags that can be purchased "new" at, near, or below thrift store prices.  That's price gouging and I sincerely hope that none of those overpriced bags sell!

Do you see why it matters where your donations go?  If you're donating for a good cause, be sure that cause is being addressed.  Ask the management about their "so-called" charitable donations. What are they doing for the community other than hiring individuals who are severely overworked and underpaid?  Do a walk through inspection.  Are their prices fair or inflated?  Would the less fortunate benefit from that particular store or fair better shopping at a discount chain?   

Do your research.  If your donations are not helping the disadvantaged, they are only feeding the insatiable greed and thrift store theft!

​Wait before you donate!

<![CDATA[Your clothes need a bath!  The sordid story of second-hand!]]>Mon, 06 Feb 2017 14:41:15 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/youre-clothes-need-a-bath-the-sordid-story-of-second-handA few ladies and I were discussing the use of Dryel, an at-home dry cleaning kit, for second hand clothes and here's why it might not be the best idea for your initial cleaning method.  Just ask anyone who works in the processing area of a thrift store about the donations that they receive and watch your stomach get all queasy. Clothes are covered in pet hair, underwear with unidentifiable and identifiable stains, mold, mildew...I'm sorry,,,did you just lose your breakfast?  As this particular worker shared her processing experiences, I asked why wasn't she wearing a mask and gloves up to her elbows.  Her response was "Oh, I'm use to it now!"

Back to cleaning.  You know that the good stuff gets thrown in with the bad, right?  Would you really want to toss your thrifted items into the dryer with the equivalent of a fabric sheet knowing that your prized piece once snuggled with musty, rank, stained, and possibly critter infested clothing?  Okay, now you're thinking like me.  Those clothes need a "professional" cleaning or at least a good hand washing in the tub!

Told ya the story was sordid! 

<![CDATA["Ahhh, Freak Out!"]]>Sat, 04 Feb 2017 19:36:26 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/ahhh-freak-outFrom the onset of puberty, until we breathe our last breath, our lives are filled with "freak out" moments...like the first day of our menstrual cycles, our first pimple, our first expression line (wrinkle), our first gray hair, our first chin hair, our first gray chin hair...are you freakin' out yet?

As I type this post, my skin is tingling from over exfoliation.  I'm freakin' out over aging skin and my my simple mind thought that it might be a good thing to exfoliate with a white bath cloth and African black soap for the second time this week. Exfoliation is for the removal of dead skin, key word "dead" and my face ain't dying off that fast! That's not the only treatment I've subjected my skin to this week either.  There were mud masks, aloe vera, olive oil, and my favorite anti-aging device, FaceFX by Silk'n which I call "the flat iron for my skin".  So, you can say that I've really socked it to aging skin this week, but am I going too far?

My attitude towards Father Time is getting serious.  I wanna show him that I ain't no "punk".  I'm not going sit back and let him take over my body and not come out slinging shea butter, coconut oil, and Neutrogena all over the place.  I'm going to fight him like an intruder invading my personal space and stealing my youth, cell by cell. I'm gonna splash cold water, moisturize with refrigerated aloe vera, and pump my face with leafy greens and moringa. I'm gonna get more exercise, get more rest, and fight, fight, FIGHT for my right to have healthy skin!  

Have your "freak out" moment and then hit old age with a left and a right hook!