<![CDATA[Nappy Model Inc. - Bloggermouth!]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 09:53:40 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Lookin' for free samples?  "Beat it!"]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 15:57:09 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/lookin-for-free-samples-beat-itThose cosmetic counter salespersons don't beat around the bush, do they?  "Either you're going to make a purchase or you "gets nothin" here", they say.  Hmmh?  I don't exactly agree with their sales pitch but I can understand how it came to be.

Remember when you could go in for a free makeover, walk away and head straight to the nearest happy hour leaving the salesperson who works on commission with not a single penny extra added to to her paycheck?  Well, you say, "It's not like she's all that busy and the samples are free so no harm done, right?  Other than wasting her time, you make it really bad for those of us who really want to sample products with an intent to purchase and hopefully post a review.

I visited a cosmetic counter recently, and felt that I was being "eyed" by the beauty consultant.  "She's judging me by my appearance.", I thought to myself.  They do that, you know.  Trying strolling in looking shabby with not an ounce of makeup on and watch them give you the cold shoulder.  I was dressed in a super cute outfit, but my face was a MUA's worst nightmare.  No primer, no foundation, no contouring!  Just a plain faced over 50 woman with brows filled in with an eyebrow pencil, blue mascara, and lipstick.  The end!

I asked about the anti-aging line and I'm assuming I passed the "Maybe she can afford it." test with my Chip & Pepper jeans and Madewell satchel, but when I mentioned Dove and aloe vera, I almost blew my chance of getting samples.  I shared the details of our "National Teachers Appreciation Week" event and she casually said that I should see the store manager.  After speaking with the manager and purchasing Loris a gift from the Brighton department, I returned to the makeup counter and the consultant was nowhere to be found.

She dipped.  Poof!   Gone!  I wasn't leaving without waiting to see if she would reappear and sure enough, when she thought I had left the store, she came out from her hiding place.  She seemed a little agitated by the fact that I was still there.  Oh well.  I did get a couple of samples that I absolutely love but she was sure to say "Come back for a makeover, but you have to buy something!"

Well, sister girl.  I will be back, whenever you have a gift with purchase event...cause I don't need a makeover!

Aren't they bold?
<![CDATA[Night life!  Sleeping around with this one and that one too!]]>Sat, 22 Apr 2017 22:14:15 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/night-life-sleeping-around-with-this-one-and-that-one-tooI had my heart set on a nighttime anti-aging product, one that I was head over heels in love with many years ago. Then, other samples of free products came my way and I just couldn't resist the temptation to sleep around. Okay, I know it sounds a little sleazy but we're not talking multiple partners, but products used at night to help skin stay hydrated for a good night's sleep.  Plus, nighttime is the right time for skin to go into repair mode and with the right serums and creams, our skin will look better in the morning,

So, now's the time to name names and put a few products on blast!

Arbonne RE9 Advanced anti-aging products never fails to give me that special glow but word has it that the products and the packaging have now changed and boasting even better results.  We will have to see about that. Usually a "new and improved" means that a change may or may not agree with my skin, so I will be needing samples of the new stuff.

Estee Lauder  Advanced Night Repair serum and Resilience Lift.  This is definitely a face lift in a jar!  The combination of the two supercharges your skin leaving it smooth and toned.  These products are definitely in the race for a number one spot in my heart.

Silk'n Serum  This serum is derived from natural oils found in olives which penetrates deep into the skin and leaves it soft and works wonders with the FaceFX anti-aging device.

ANEW Reversalist by Avon I received these products a couple of days ago and haven't had a chance to sample them yet, because I only have one face and that's not enough skin to go around especially with Mary Kay's TimeWise calling my name too!

This sleeping around is hard stuff and can be difficult to keep up with which product does what better than others but the important thing is that I have them all in my life and my skin is definitely benefiting from it.

So, who are you sleeping with?
<![CDATA[Know your foe:  Fine lines or wrinkles?  What's the difference?]]>Fri, 21 Apr 2017 22:14:48 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/know-your-foe-fine-lines-or-wrinkles-whats-the-differenceI've got my armor on and ready for the anti-aging battle, but wait!  Shouldn't I know what I'm going to war with before I fire the first shot?

Anti-aging products

Many of these products promise to diminish fine lines and wrinkles but whats the difference?

Fine Lines

​“Most dermatologists understand fine lines as being one to two millimeters in depth,” she explains. That’s about as thin, or even thinner, than a thread. These shallow folds are caused by lax, sagging skin and are associated with the earliest signs of aging or photo damage."


"Wrinkles are a bit more complex. Generally speaking, they are any lines that are deeper than 2mm. Wrinkles are predominantly caused by muscle contractions under the skin, which is why they show up were you make the most facial expressions, like squinting, frowning and smiling. Repeated facial muscle movements, contracting and releasing in the same way, over years create folds along those habitual lines. But, there are different types of wrinkles to understand as well. Dr. Gmyrek explains, “A dynamic wrinkle is a wrinkle that occurs only with movement. If you frown and you make that number eleven between your eyebrows, that’s a dynamic wrinkle. If you relax and that wrinkle stays, then you have a 
static wrinkle, or a a wrinkle at rest.”

When we figure out who we're fighting against, then we can plan our strategic war tactics accordingly.

Stay with Nappy Model Inc as Loris and I sample various anti-aging skincare products and share our results!

Let's WIN!

For more info, read here:  

<![CDATA[America's Thrift Store heist:  Guess who stole the china?]]>Fri, 21 Apr 2017 21:27:55 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/americas-thrift-store-heist-guess-who-stole-the-chinaMy mom and I decided to shop America's Thrift Store this morning around 11:30 a.m. in hopes of beating the lunch hour traffic.  Yes, women use their lunch hours to thrift for bargains and by my usual shopping hour, which is much later, all the goodies are gone!  Little did we know that we were just in time for the action, a robbery, a china heist where the thief loaded the goods and pushed them right past the cashiers until one observant shopper (who needs a reward) spotted her and notified an employee.

So, it wasn't a good time for shopping as I didn't find a single thing that I could use, but the front seat view of the latter half of the heist was worth the trip.  When I heard the call for management, I assumed it was for a price check, but when I saw two ladies rushing up the aisle, that meant trouble.  I moved closer to the front of the store to see what the commotion was about and when I heard that someone had stolen some goods, that really grabbed my attention.  Her car was pointed out and I went the window to get a description, light blue Honda CRV with license plate number 61DD**** driven by guess who...an elderly white woman (she had to be at least 65 years old or older with a head full of silver hair) and get this...she actually got away driving at a snail's pace!

So, I'm sitting back waiting for the nearest cop to nab her before she got outta sight, but what did I see...nothing but an old lady driving her china back to her booth at Bama Flea Mall.  And just how did I get this information? Another shopper had been carrying on a conversation with the thief and she told her about the booth.  

My question to management was "How did she gain access to the china when all of your expensive items are in or behind the showcase?"  I then told them that it sounded like an inside job.  My fellow shopper had more pertinent information.  She witnessed one of ATS employees putting the dishes on the counter at the register nearest the showcase and the thief loaded them up and carried them away.  Surely, that employee should have noticed...so, if she didn't...inside job, right?

Shouldn't old ladies be knitting, baking cookies, volunteering at the hospital, or watching soap operas?  We will all pay for this theft which I'm told was around $400.00 and if you should see an old white lady with white hair driving a light blue Honda CRV with a booth at Bama Flea Mall, approach with caution!

​What a day!

<![CDATA[Look!  Your face is trying to tell you something!]]>Wed, 19 Apr 2017 23:38:39 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/look-your-face-is-trying-to-tell-you-somethingWhen I took a close look at my forehead, I couldn't believe what I saw.  It wasn't just a couple of horizontal lines, it had the appearance of tic tac toe boxes and  "scratch marks" we made as kids when learning how to count.  Okay, life has gone too far.  First, mid-life acne, slow growing hair, a couple of gray whiskers, weight gain, and now chicken scratch on my forehead!  Unh-unh!  I can't take any more!

Where did all these lines come from?  
​Aside from day to day stress, I realized that I brought a lot of this on myself. Not enough water, too much sugar, sleeping on my side instead of my back, squinting without sunglasses and my reading glasses.  I can't blame it all on life.  I brought a lot of these lines on myself!  Now, it's time to put the aging skin in reverse.

I'm using the old "high afro puff" trick; using an elastic band (6 in a pack for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree) to create a temporary face lift, keeping my sunglasses and readers handy to avoid squinting, eating healthier, drinking more water, and best of all, I'm sleeping around.  That's right, a different one every night if I choose...

Sleeping around for better skin!

Blog coming soon!

***If your mind is in the gutter, you should be ashamed!

<![CDATA[Arbonne:  What's missing?]]>Fri, 14 Apr 2017 22:48:43 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/arbonne-whats-missingI sold Arbonne around 2006 and it was short lived.  I wasn't in it to supplement my income or earn a Mercedes because my salary was pretty good, good enough to buy own Mercedes...with cash at that.  Still got that sucker too! She's aging beautifully, isn't she?
So, if I wasn't in it to win it, why did I become an Arbonne consultant?  Well, after sampling the products, I fell in love and wanted to share it every woman that I knew.  Problem was, I didn't have enough women in my circle and at that time, I wasn't on social media at all.  Honestly, I knew nothing of Facebook and Twitter until recent years.  I know.  I know. Life under a rock, you say.  

But, yeah.  The products were awesome but pricey and my few customers couldn't afford to be "repeats."  Fast forward to 2017 and I'm seriously looking to invest in an anti-aging line and Arbonne was the first product that came to mind.  I joined a "What's Happening" group and asked if anyone knew of a consultant in the area and immediately I was in contact with someone.  I asked for samples and was surprised to see that the samples for no longer the full sizes that we had in our startup kits way back then.  There were these itty bitty samples (.1 fl oz) with barely enough product to bathe a gnat.  I didn't tell her that I sold Arbonne years ago, because I didn't want to hear the old "Pure. Safe. Beneficial. Become a consultant" pitch.  I wanted two sample packs, one for Loris and myself, but apparently these packets cost as much as a small diamond, because the consultant did not provide one nor promise to send one at a later time.  She told me to try it for 3 days and then share my results.  

When I began to use the products step by step, I noticed that the eye cream sample was empty.  I notified her and you know what?  She didn't offer to replace it and I was already beginning to think that she swapped it out and kept it for herself.  Petty, right?  Well, you guys know that I'm good at interrogations and in subsequent conversations, I discovered that  the eye cream was her favorite.  See?  I was right!  NO!  I didn't NEED the eye cream.  If I missed step, I wouldn't fall flat on my face, but a good salesperson would have provided a sample...I would!
After numerous messages back and forth, with my requests to get the products without having to pay tax, shipping, and a preferred client fee, plus contacting countless other Arbonne consultants with no response, I've decided to purchase through a consultant all the way from Washington DC. Yep, I sure am.  I'm joining her team if she wants me to.  And I'm sure that if I asked, she would send me an itty bitty eye cream sample that I really don't need.  And honestly, if I changed my mind and didn't order Arbonne at all, I think I'll age beautifully anyways...like my car.

So, what's missing from Arbonne in my area...consultants who give a darn! 

<![CDATA[Miu Miu]]>Fri, 14 Apr 2017 02:35:16 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/miu-miuIt's downright embarrassing to own a designer brand and can't pronounce it correctly...like the time Loris and I called Moschino, "Mos-cheeno" when in fact, it's "Mah-skee-no".  It doesn't really make sense though being that Chino is pronounced "Cheeno" but oh well, at least we didn't call a Brahmin a "Bremlin" like a lady that I recently met.

The piece I scored today for Loris was the source of a great debate in more ways than one.  When I purchased it, the cashier informed me that a few of her co-workers couldn't decide if the accessory was a belt or a purse strap. Okay, it did have a waist size so that would have been a indication that it should be worn as a belt, but good for me that they didn't know that.  Well, actually it was good for Loris because the Miu Miu belt was way too small for my waist which needs a muumuu instead!

The other debate.  Is Miu Miu pronounced "Moo Moo" or "Me-you Me-you".  Sounds like a cow and cat, huh? Anyways, we're just two country girls who love designer and depending on the company we're entertaining, it could be  either!
<![CDATA[Weather Day!]]>Thu, 06 Apr 2017 13:47:24 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/weather-dayStrong wind gusts, golf ball size hail, and rain with intermittent sunshine couldn't keep this teacher from partially enjoying her "weather day" in style.  White linen, green safari, snake skin, straw, and hammered metals took spring by storm!

Linen top
Safari skirt
Snake skin wedges
Straw envelope clutch
​Vintage necklace

Oscar sunglasses
Brighton bangles
Ear cuff

<![CDATA[Snubbing the cold shoulder!]]>Mon, 03 Apr 2017 14:40:18 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/snubbing-the-cold-shoulderI remember borrowing a light denim blue 'cold shoulder" top from my aunt in the 90's to wear with white Levi jeans. Then, around 2011, I found a red/white polka dot "cold shoulder" top on clearance at Kmart (Loris still has hers.) to wear with vintage high waist white Lee jeans.   

It's 2017, and I can honestly say that I'm snubbing the cold shoulder style and leaving it to the younger generation. Even my preference for fitted tees is now rubbing off on Nappy Model.  Check out her style!

Gray fitted tee $2.00  (Goodwill)
Vintage floral pleated shorts $2.00 (Earthly Treasures)
Cat-eye sunglasses (TJ Maxx)
Steve Madden heels (Dillards)
Silver coin choker (Walmart)

<![CDATA[Cheap flights!  First class style!]]>Mon, 27 Mar 2017 13:08:07 GMThttp://nappymodelinc.com/bloggermouth/cheap-flights-first-class-styleIt's time for spring cleaning, but wait before you toss that belted cargo jacket from Rue 21 and a ruched bodycon from Body Shop.  You can always move those "cheapie" pieces from economy to first class with top notch accessories like sunglasses from Oscar de la Renta, rings from Vince Camuto, and leather moto boots from Coolway USA.  

Isn't it about time that your own personal style hits the runway and takes flight?