I found it very unusual that the employee volunteered to bring my second bundle of items to the car as she had never offered that service before.  How could a jacket slip through the bottom of a bag that had been tied to keep longer items from touching the ground? Did she know that the jacket had been taken prior to my pick up? Did she suspect the same person as I?  Did she hope that I wouldn't notice and they could accuse me of losing it myself or not bringing it in from the start?

The star witness is now recanting the whole story.  She first told me that she personally cleaned the jackets, went to lunch, leaving two employees there.  When she came back, no customers had come in to pick up any orders; the jackets were still there and the other employees were still there. One is only 17, and why would she want a linen blazer?  The other, in her 40's, according to the star witness is not even into fashion.  The witness is larger than I am, what good would it be to her?

She had repeated time and time again, 'It has to be here."  Now that the manager is back, he suddenly becomes the spokesperson for the star witness, saying that she was confused and that she couldn't count.  Now, that's believable, but after more than 16 years of education, I definitely can count to 10, so how dare you insult me?

It's a mess, a stain on the business that no amount of cleaning fluid can remove.  It doesn't end here...there is still one more person, green with envy, red with evil intent...and that red stain is highly visible on their face!



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