"I cleaned both of them myself and I hung them here." pointing at a rack on wheels. "It has to be here somewhere." I had brought in two blazers, one white cotton, and one off white linen.  She scurried around the shop, looking in every conceivable place, even in a barrel of soiled items just brought in by another customer to be cleaned.  She went back to the rack of cleaned items, pressed the pedal which makes it go around and around, carefully looking to see if by chance, my jacket was in someone else's bundle.  "I know they both were here." she said again while picking up the phone to call someone.  That's when my line of questioning began.  I've loved mysteries as a young child and my dad would always say "You need to be a detective."  He would be angry now if he were here, but would also smile as I expose the jacket thief.

"Are you the only one who works here besides the manager?"  
"No, we have two other employees."
"Are they still here?"
"No, they have already gone."
"Do you think they know what happened to my jacket?"
"I'm not sure,"
"Well, can you call them?"

She picks up the phone and attempts to contact them while still saying, "It has to be here somewhere."  She's speaking to someone while going through the rack, pumping and checking, pumping and checking again.  She still hasn't found it.

'You mind if I come back to take a look?"
"No, come on!"
I went back, with my camera of course, to take pictures of how other large bundles were held together.  All carefully tied together, every one but mine.  The employee is still on the phone, going outside to check the delivery van.  It's not there.  She comes back in and asks a ridiculous question.  "Do you think it slipped out of the bag into your car? At this point, paranoia had set in and she knew that I would not be going anywhere until I got some answers.....

One lone blazer.


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