The time period was the 1950's through the 1960's.  The styles were feminine, elegant and dressing up was a daily practice.  Women wore pencil skirts, wide swing skirts, and dresses with hourglass silhouettes.  They also wore cardigans, silk scarves around the neck, hair, or their purse handles.  Mink coats, stoles, or collars were not uncommon.  They carried clutch bags, envelope bags, and bags with a top clasp closure.  Pumps are generally 2 to 3 inches high and lady was not considered a lady unless she wore gloves.

Then, away went the slips, girdles, and bras.  Housekeeping was considered dull and unimportant and exchanged for careers and power suits.  No more lipsticks or high heels unless you wanted to be viewed as an object for male entertainment.  The styles became more masculine or gender neutral exhibiting a "Who's in control now?" look.

After that, women's fashions evolved into more alluring and sexy styles with an attitude of "I can be sexy if I want to. It's my choice!"  Mini skirts worn way up high, cleavage showing, spiked heels, platforms, and super low rise pants became the trends before sinking into the ultra casual jogging pants.

My male friend states that this is the worst style of clothing that could have ever been invented for woman, allowing her to gain weight while the material stretches to accommodate the extra pounds.  According to him, when she tries to fit into her other clothing, only then will she realize that she's gained an extra 15 to 20 pounds.

So, we went from being prissy, to being free of girdles and bras, to "I wanna be sexy again", then to the dreaded jogging pants.  Whether good choices, bad choices, or ugly choices; the choice is still ours!


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