While some women may be too shy to reveal their wants, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, Nappy Models shoot straight from the lips.  We want the whole package too!  We want good looks, money, and you must smell good.
Good looks.  It's what we notice first and what we are attracted to the most.
Money.  Cheap is not chic.  We want to be showered with gifts.
Smelling good is a must.  We want other women to be drawn to our prize possession and secretly want it for themselves.

With that being said, be sure to keep it in mind when choosing fragrances for the special female in your life.  Looks are just as important as the fragrance itself, so carefully select perfume packaging which fits the recipient's personality whether young, fun-loving, and energetic, or mature, classy, and sophisticated.  Pretty bottles, appealing packaging, and alluring fragrances; that's what we call having the whole package and that's what we want...to add to our collection.

Be sure to check out your nearest Belk location for the best fragrance selections and gift sets for her special day.


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