My mother and I were taking a trip down memory lane, remembering the days of Belk Hudson, Berman's, Kitchin's, and Withit department stores in Anniston, Al.  At the mention of Withit's, a vivid image of a striking beauty in all black attire comes to mind.  Those were the days of searching racks for back to school clothes or collecting sterling silver rings and bracelets at bargain prices. I was always intrigued by "Mrs. All Black"  as she was always runway ready. After Withit closed its doors, we often wondered what became of Mrs. Eva Carver.  Lo and behold, 14 years later we found her, as lovely as ever, still doing what she loves as a beauty consultant for Clinique at Wakefield's in Anniston. This woman has definitely found the fountain of youth and Nappy Model Inc's inquiring minds wanted to know her secret.

NMI:  Admiring her stacked Brighton bracelets.  Do you mind if I get a picture of your jewelry?
Mrs. Eva:  (blushing) Sure.
NMI:  How long have you been working in the beauty industry?
Mrs. Eva:  Over 38 years (flashing her President's award badge for top sales in 2011 and 2013)
NMI:  Do you mind telling your age?
Mrs. Eva:  No.  I'm 72 years old.
NMI:  No way!  
NMI:  Your skin care regimen, which products can you not live without?
Mrs. Eva:  The whole line of Clinique products.
NMI:  How do you stay fit?
Mrs. Eva:  I walk and do aerobics.  I try to keep my weight constant by not going 5 lbs over my desired weight.  When I reach the 5 lb limit, then I start to monitor what I eat.
NMI:  What's the key to your success?
Mrs. Eva:  Having the right attitude and loving people.  Without it, you can't make it in the beauty industry.

Clinique policy requires that their consultants wear white jackets at all times; therefore, I was not able to get a photo of Mrs. Eva in her iconic black ensemble.  However, I was able to capture her beauty, inside and out, and of course those black hose and black heels.  NMI promised to come back soon for a makeover and of course, I will be wearing all black.



Cindy McLaughlin
04/10/2014 10:06am

I know this beautiful lady I went to school with her oldest daughter and her youngest daughter's daughter was Miss Alabama. They are all beautiful ladies they come by it naturally.


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