I have fashion ADD.  If I see someone wearing something I like, I ask a few questions, take a few pictures and I'm on to the next, quickly.  See?  I just confessed and it was easy.  It was just as simple for Metro Bank's investment representative, Cindy McLaughlin to give her confession.  When asked "Where did you get that beautiful jewelry?", her response was "Belk, I'm a Belk-aholic!"  Then she quickly gave me the 411 on each piece: necklace and earrings are by Erica Lyons, bracelet by Lucky Brand, and ring by New Direction, all Belk brands. Cindy loves shopping on line, but her favorite Belk location is Trussville.  Hold on.  The interview didn't stop there. Click on each photo below for additional information on her amazing spring outfit.  On the spot interview and workplace photo shoot in less than 10 minutes, that's the positive side of having fashion ADD.  The positive side of being a Belk-aholic is that your collection of jewelry is spectacular!


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