When I met this beauty today, I was thankful that I was camera ready, even though I was visiting her office on legal matters.  Since I have an eye for fashion, I could only focus on the Fendi sunglasses parked on top of her head and wondering if she would agree to letting me get a shot of her eye candy.  Not only did I get the picture of the sunglasses, she wowed me with a basic front tee with a back detail that was anything but plain.  While showing off the back of her top, I noticed the back pocket design of her Miss Me jeans and had to get a shot of that as well. Jeans with a tee are a winning combination for law office attire.  And just who is this Cat Girl?  She's a perfect example of true beauty with the personality to match and she is Attorney Charley A. Tudisco's wife.  CAT girl! She's anything but plain!


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