I forgot to pre-treat my leather studded bike boots before plunging them into the snow.  Brilliant me though that the leather could endure any type of punishment and now I'm left with not-so-attractive salt stains and faded spots on my only pair of biker boots.  Before educating myself on how to reverse the damage, I wiped them down with a damp towel and applied leather SAS conditioner before they were dry which removed some of the color.  So, what do I do now?  I did some research and learned that salt marks can be removed by wiping with mix of warm water and white vinegar.  When they have completely dried, then you can proceed to waterproof them using a silicone water guard.  It's best to take them to a leather expert for reconditioning, but since there's not one to be found locally, I hope I don't damage them even further with my DIY leather care.  Remember, pre-treat your leather and keep it conditioned!  I don't think that boots with salt stains are trending at the moment.


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