I haven't worn many 4 inch and taller stilettos this season.  No, it's not because I'm getting older or having foot and back pain.  It's because most of my thrifted finds have been 3 inches or less.  Kitten heels are described as short, slender heels usually less than 1.5 inches with a slight curve that sets in from the back of the shoe.  Take it from a cat who's all grown up, anything less than a 4 inch is a kitten to me.

Check out my latest find.  Nine West Kitty Stuck in a Tree.

I became bored with magazines many months ago.  Same faces, same poses, and same styles were driving me nuts.  That's why when I enter the thrift store now, I'm shopping to the beat of my own drum and dancin' to my own tune:  The Treasure Principle.

These two thrifted pieces will have me marching in high style!
My new jules b. necklace, a special gift from Belk, is a showpiece for sure and I'm proudly displaying it on my special day, my birthday. These bold pearls from the Lady Grantham Collection is the perfect finishing touch for my basic tank and thrifted acid washed denim ensemble.  The compliments just keep coming and with this stunning piece, I'm sure the admiration will last all day.
As Jacob Inc. liquidates the inventory of its 92 remaining stores, I can't help but feel a bit of sadness for the Canadian family owned, mid-priced boutique, offering women's chic apparel for 35 years while stocking a collection of items made right in Canada.  After years of international invasion by lower price point retailers such as Forever 21 and Aeropostale, Jacob Inc. is finally closing its doors leaving approximately 1000 people unemployed.  Customers reviews boast good quality and excellent selection through 2007, but also expressed their dissatisfaction of cheaply made items offered by Jacob Inc. beginning in 2008 that could be found at lower prices with their international competitors.

I received a surprise goodie bag in the mail from Belk last week and went wild over the contents.  Enclosed for the woman who's sporty, glamorous, and sexy was Sporty Citrus by Michael Kors.  Created by perfumer Honorine Blanc, Sporty Citrus is a sweet mix of orange, mandarin combined with a burst of fresh orange blossom, followed by a hint of musk.  Can't wait to sample the sweetness!  

There's more, so stay tuned....
It's Back to School next week and I still have more shopping to get done.  My pre-teen has approx. 15 thrifted tops. Does that seem excessive?  Considering that most of the trendy styles are not always made from the best materials, it makes sense to buy more than a week's worth. 

Have you noticed that most of the thin polyester tops that are now trending require a tank top underneath?  It's almost impossible, unless you're purchasing tee shirts, to find a top that's not see through.  I called them thin tissue or gauze tops and they are definitely not worth the retail prices. Shop yards sales.  Shop thrift stores.  Shop smart!

Take a peek at part of her thrifted collection including tie waist tops, plaids, utility sleeves, and more.

In July 1983, Guess owners and Jordache owners cut a deal in which Guess sold half interest to Jordache whose empire was much larger at the time.  Guess owners were contracted to run the Guess brand while the owners of Jordache were to operate Gasoline, the cheaper version of the Guess Brand.  Six months later, the partnership fell apart leading to a blood battle between the two families that took 6.5 years to settle.

Who knew that a family feud was the reason why Gasoline jeans were once so hot?

Boxy top, polka dot mini, and wide red patent leather belt are all thrifted pieces but combined make a million dollar look.  See for yourself!
I remember the times when Spiegel was my favorite wishbook and Snapple was my favorite drink.  I could sit back, relax, and spending hours viewing styles that I loved while sipping on Mango Madness.  It was like my friend could sense when I wasn't having a very good day, and he'd show up at the door with a Spiegel catalog and my drink in hand.  
Couldn't help but remember those good times when I scored a black nylon top with beads and sequins from the Reflections by Spiegel collections.  This stunning piece was made in India and so typical of Spiegel's quality from years gone by.  Just wondering if my friend will show up with some leather pants or premium denim to pair with this fabulous piece.  Just wondering....
I'm feeling a little black and blue this summer.  No, I'm not sick, just stuck on denim blues.  It's the easiest outfit to put together and who cares if the hues are different shades of blue?   Instead of my usual ivory pumps or snake print slingbacks, I chose black crisscrossed strapped sandals with a cork heel, black snakeskin clutch, and zebra print belt.  So easy, so convenient, and so cool.  Check it out!