French fries, french toast, french manicure, French wine, French beau;  none of these come close to capturing our eyes, hearts, or satisfying our palates like Nappy Model.  Even if you can't afford a French getaway at the present time, Loris brings Paris' architectural wonder to you with a faux leather skirt, moto ankle booties, and an Eiffel Tower print sweater.  Lovely, isn't she?  Oui!  Oui! 
Nappy Models along with other fashionistas often sneak into the men's camp to borrow items to enhance our own wardrobes.  His extra large sweaters are perfect with our leggings, his plaid shirts are darling with our jeggings, his leather bomber gives just the right amount of "bad girl" to our body warmer dresses, but we draw the line when borrowing his old sweaty socks even after a full wash and dry cycle. We have decided to purchase our own men's thermal crew socks by Kodiak from Kmart to wear with our ankle booties.  These double knit socks cushion your soles, keep you warm in the coldest of temps, and the sporty print keeps you stepping in style!  
This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Not one little thing
Without a woman or a girl

James Brown - It`s A Man's Man's World Lyrics | MetroLyrics 
I knew her as Star.  Sassy, witty, so young, yet full so of wisdom.  I followed her, quite entertained by her posts and knew that there was something very unique about her.  I was amazed at her maturity and unmatchable way with words. You could feel her sincerity, whether in times of strength, weakness, or uncertainty, you were drawn to her realness. I was proud to become her Facebook mother, induct her into the Nappy Model circle of phenomenal women, and watch prayerfully as she mounted the realities of illness onto her shoulders, walk a short distance and then with the grace and dignity that she possessed while here on earth, take on her new wings and take her place in the sky. 

Nappy Model Inc remembers Ebony Star McKenzie, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend to many this holiday season.  She entered this world and left with strength that many of us could only hope to obtain in our lifetime. To our precious Star, "Twinkle, Twinkle!"   

Your Facebook mom and Nappy Model Inc.
Argyle patterns are not only fashionable on the golf course, but a lady can borrow an oversized cardigan from her partner and drive style off the green into the streets.  Here's how you can ace it like a pro. Add a tee underneath or a shirt with a collar and top with a scarf.  Follow through with skinny jeans or leggings, leather ankle boots with scrunched argyle socks, as there's no penalty for socks coming over the top.  Carry a structured leather tote, add leather gloves, and you're in the groove.  Fore!  It's a hit!

Getting dressed is not fun anymore and wearing the same pieces day after day is getting to be quite a bore.  It's hard to believe that I've worn the same cardigan at least three times already this season, and that's highly unusual for a daily thrifter with so much to choose from.  But you guys already know my situation, there's no way to store all that need in my car.  I feel like a prisoner with limited freedom of selection and self-expression.  I should start making tiny x's on the wall and mark off the days until my new place is ready.  Until then, here's a couple of my "Ah, whatever" outfits with repeat pieces.  
I dug out a dusty old hundred dollar bill that was given to me in July for my birthday and finally spent it on something that I love.  I've had my eye and sniffer on Ralph Lauren's Midnight Romance for a while now, but the gift set which included: 
  • 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray
  • 2.5 oz. Sensuous Body Moisturizer
  • 2.5 oz. Sensuous Shower Gel
  • 2.5 oz. Sensuous Purse Spray
a $138.00 value priced at $110.00 at Dillard's, cost more than I wanted to spend.  Plus my $100.00 birthday money wasn't enough anyways.  I wanted a gift set so that I could share with Loris, but still,  $110.00 is more than a thrifter likes to dish out at one time.  Luckily, Goody's carried a smaller, limited edition gift set with the 1.0 fl .oz. parfum spray and a .34 fl. oz. rollerball, a $75.00 value priced at $65.00.  Now, that's more like it!   With a store discount, I was able to purchase the set for $57.20, so Loris and I both can smell like MONEY!  But, who's getting the free tote?
May the bird of paradise fly up your nose.  Now, exactly what does that mean?  Who knows, but I do know that I found a sweater today that I've been searching for since last fall right under my nose as I was shopping at a nearby thrift shop. The sweater bears an image of a bird and I even found a wrap skirt that matched it perfectly. Perfection wasn't the look I was aiming for though, so I left the skirt and brought the birdie home with me.  A lucky find for $2.98. Now that's a little like paradise!
If you're a Dove soap and Colgate Optic White toothpaste user like Nappy Models are, then I think we're all being robbed. Its true, Colgate delivers a brighter smile with it's Optic White, but a new 3.5 oz size has at least 1.5 inches of empty space at the end of the tube.  Priced at $3.00, we expect the tube to be full, but instead, Colgate may be getting away with a white collar crime.  
Dove soap has been a Nappy Model favorite for many years and is one product that's hard to keep in stock.  In fact, one Dollar General Store employee revealed that Dove soap is one their top theft items. Shoplifters aren't the only thieves though.  Dove is making the bar size smaller and smaller while the price increases.  Whitewash, wouldn't you say?
Nappy Models are fighting back and here's how.  We're taking one bar and cutting it into 4 chunks.  The 3 bar pack lasts a lot longer when used as a facial wash only.  To extend the usage of Optic White, we are adding with baking soda to get an even brighter smile.

Nappy Models, helping to keep more money in your pockets, beautifully!
Nappy Models sorted through the Black Friday wreckage at Belk, Trussville, Alabama location on November 28th. In the shoe department, several black boxes were found which was a sure indicator that the catastrophe was caused by a female stampede in search of Black Friday deals.  Check out the remains.
Have you checked out the new America's Thrift Store website lately? It's really something quite fancy and if it were a Christmas tree, it might very well hold a spot on the White House lawn.  There is even a special message from the president, giving insightful information on the who, what, and why of the company.  I always knew that AMT was affiliated with the Kings Home but there are 7 other ministries supported by AMT as well.  The president has set a goal to distribute $100 million to the 8 ministry partners over the next 10 years while his own employees can barely earn enough to prepare a Christmas feast.  I remember singing a song as a child many, many years ago when I read the his message.  "Charity, charity, charity starts at home.  If you don't have no charity, you don't have no home."  Nice try Mr. President, but your lights are from the dollar store and we all know, they don't last very long.  Lights out!