Time to show off those legs with a wildly printed, flirty skirt by Dolce Vita.  
Nappy Model, BeBe, spotted these classy little Coach slingbacks while out doing her thing, shopping.  It was the signature Coach script logo that caught her eye, and the price wasn't too bad either.  These pre-owned Coach shoes are in very good condition on the inside and the soles are in good condition as well.  A little luxury for the feet on a thrifter's budget.

Did Mother Nature play a little jokey joke on you this past weekend?  Not Loris, who was snapped chillin' in a lamb leather jacket with skinny jeans and skyscraping stilettos.  She knows about spring and the "cold snap" that occurs right before Resurrection Sunday.  She also knows the importance of keeping long sleeves and jackets on "speed grab" for cooler temps even when the weather is hot outside.  

Here are a few places that may have you longing for longer sleeves:
Movie theaters
Grocery stores

Don't pack away all of those long sleeves.  Lightweight jackets and cardigans are perfect for any season!
When it comes to cars, everyone knows that SS means well-built, high performance, limited editions and the S-class signifies luxury.  All of these features are found in American brand, Max Martin, which combines luxury, quality,comfort, and elegance to create the S-class of stilettos right here in the US.  Check out the SS (Super Sexy) ankle straps, lace-ups, strap-ups, and new spins on the classic pump!

Max Martin:  A Nappy Model favorite.

All images from maxmartin.co.
Many of you know her as a hip hop legend, a Ruff Neck lovin', baggy jeans wearing, lyricist.  But, here she is in a whole different light, business woman, philanthropist, motivator, activist, spokesperson and model for American luxury shoe line, Max Martin.  MC Lyte:  Get to know the other side!.  
Ooh baby, baby!  Guess who's in a size 28 jeans now?  I am!  Well, at least that's what the tag says.  This blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex fits me like a glove, a bigger glove than I would like, but for now, I'm just thankful that I can fit into these C & P jeans fit after gaining way too much weight!
What are you doing on this rainy Sunday evening?  If you didn't have an opportunity to make it out to Dillard's bag trade-in sale, you can still enjoy views of Nappy Models latest steals.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the leather.
Nappy Models were out and about yesterday, snagging and bagging the best leather bags to add to our "Heir Bag" collection.  As usual, quality leathers and heavy hardware grabbed our attention, and this baby B. Makowsky was no exception.  Though much smaller than what we normally carry, this buttery soft leather bag was still a must-have, so we bagged it.

It's the first day of spring so what are you wearing?  I'm wearing thrifted high waist pants from New York & Co, a white tank from Rue 21, a red cardigan from Talbots, and my favorite peep toe booties.  The temperature is just perfect for wearing a variety of styles and fabrics, but this street celeb brings in spring with linen and MK bling! Check it out!
Should I leave my hair as it is, salt and pepper? The debate goes on.  My 13 year old says "No!".  My 28 year old says "Yes, you can rock it!".  Frankly, I'm just not up for the battle and cost of covering my grays and I'm tired of thinking about it.  Honestly, having silver strands is not the worst thing that could happen to me.  What's worse is futile attempts to conceal them. 
Check out these salt and pepper beauties.  Pretty amazing, right?