America's Thrift Store is like "The Summit" for thrifters in this area, so when they reported that the Pell City store wouldn't open today at noon as expected, that meant that Nappy Model would have to gas up and put the wheels on the highway to another store location.  I burned rubber, with store credit burning a hole in my purse, from 20 West to 459 South to 65 South and made my way to the America's Thrift Store in Alabaster.  It had been a while since I shopped at this location and the whole layout of the store had been changed.  For a few minutes I found myself wandering in circles, but once I got the hang of it, I walked away with three pairs of pants and two tops for less than $15.00. Now, that's the type of thrifting that I love!
Think that's too far to go thrifting?  Never!  I actually met a lovely lady from Selma, who just happened to be in the area on business, but like myself, couldn't pass up an opportunity to thrift...and she thrifted in style!
Flea markets can be indoor or outdoor with several booths rented to different vendors; a thrift store is a single business.  It is said that flea markets earned the name from the sell of flea infested goods, but since thrift businesses are enclosed, what's with the flea infestations?  My guess is that any and all types of donations are accepted, some that could possibly have been left outdoors exposed to all types of weather, insects, and varmints.
Nappy Models learned the hard way today at United Thrift Store in Centerpoint.  When told by a customer that fleas were in the store, BeBe threw a pair of Joe's Jeans back on the rack, stripped off her denim shirt, and headed for the front door.  Loris, was only steps behind her with her purchase double bagged, tied tightly, and they both ran to the nearest Dollar General to spray themselves and Loris' bag with bug spray.

I'm sure both ladies are into the latest bags for fall, but a flea bag ain't one of them!

Check out Loris' new bag from United Thrift and her new ankle boots from America's Thrift, Pell City!

Nappy Models are proud to announce that J. Strickland & Co., manufacturer of black hair care and skin care products, are supporting us in our mission to empower disadvantaged women and at-risk youth through our "Occasionally Dressed" job readiness workshops.  We approached Courtney Shaw, Social Media & Public Relations, and she was more than happy to help sponsor our next event.  Take a look at what we received today: gift bags filled with products to help our attendees leave a positive impression with hiring managers by sporting healthy, well-groomed locks!   
I stopped into Chico's Outlet Store earlier in the week and besides a couple of cashiers, I was probably the youngest shopper in the store and I'm 50!  Unless it was senior citizen discount day, Chico's apparently has what all the older ladies like.  Don't get me wrong, I have a few articles of clothing by Chico's which I love and a few leather belts that will make your mouth water, but the skinny pants that I had seen on a recent Chico's commercial were not there.  What did get my attention was 50% off clearance jewelry and the fact that many of those ladies bought an entire outfit right there in Chico's.

Me?  Buy an entire outfit in one store?  Probably never in my lifetime.  So, when I was asked "Where did you get that outfit?" yesterday, I named at least three stores.

The tunic top is from a thrift store in Columbiana.
The crochet cardigan (Chico's brand) in from a thrift store in Birmingham.
The jeans, shoes, belt, and purse were all thrifted in Pell City.

Me?  Buying an entire outfit in one place?  Well...maybe.  If it's a thrift store!

So, I pretended to put Jackie Jackson on call block when I found an image of him with his third wife.  That was it for my teenage crush and "poof", he was "Outta my Life".  But, if it had not been for an honest face (I think) and a quick explanation, Jackie probably would have had to bail me out of jail, that is, if he doesn't have me on call block too.
There I was with a purse full of cd's exiting Kmart when the alarm went off.  I thought that it was my cellphone.  You know how that can happened sometimes.  But when I realized that I had brought 3 cd's into the store, one Jermaine Jackson, one Michael Jackson, and one Maroon V, my next thought was "Oh ****!  This doesn't look too good." Then the manager comes over takes the cd's and tries to ring them up and a couple of them showed prices.  I remember one of them being $12.99 and not even my Maroon V cost that much.  
See, my 13 year old is a MJ and Jermaine fan and she's been giving all kinds of business lately. She picked up 4 on Wednesday and it's been nothing but a Jackson party where we live.  This morning, she wanted to listen to them on the way to school. I didn't want to leave them in a hot car while I shopped for a USB cable in Kmart and that's why I was carrying them along with my birthday cd.
Good thing the manager believed me and set me free or else I would have really sounded "Off the Wall", if I had asked her to call Jackie for me....


I'm sure you ladies have fashion favs, transitional pieces that you plan to keep forever.  A few of mine include those slouchy, crochet-looking, wear-with-anything, wear anywhere tops that I just can't part with.  I can wear them with linen pants, denim, sundresses, anything my little heart desires....but I just can't give them away no matter how long they've been in my closet.

I selected an outfit for the day, a deep coral crochet poncho, white tank, and white linen pants to pair with cork heel platforms but then decided that I wasn't feeling colorful!  It's a beautiful day and I'm feeling good, but the bold color just wasn't making a statement for me.  I describe my mood today as "earthy".  So, instead I paired my white tank and white linen pants with a slouchy nude sweater by bebe and nude suede platform stilettos by Bakers.  I then added two bendable necklaces shaped into a funky design, a wide gunmetal cuff, and front/back earrings.  I styled my hair in two simple braids and my look was complete.

Yes, I'm feeling beautiful, free, and very "earthy" today!  
I'm feeling really special this morning.  Why?  I received a letter from Citi telling me how wonderful I am and how much they appreciate me, then they offer me more money. Yes, they sure did!  So, I call customer service, because I really don't like managing business online; I like speaking to a real person, so that we can talk business, and if it's a female, we might just share a laugh too about girl stuff.  
So, Lou Ann is on the phone, hyped up on her morning coffee and if you had overheard the conversation, you would have sworn that we were best friends or even family.  We talked about money, debt, APR's, and it was fun, if you can believe that.  But, it was refreshing to hear a contagiously cheerful voice on the other end so early in the morning, plus she was offering me more money.  Come to think of it, what family member or friend writes you to ask if you want any more money?  

Citi:  Closer than family! 

I drove up to the ATS parking lot here in Pell City in desperate need of a daily dose of thrifting and the parking lot was empty.  My first thought was, "The registers must be down.".  A closer look revealed a more serious issue "ATS' water had broken.".  Now ladies, you know what happens when the water breaks, something new is on the way.  Maybe after the cleanup, we can expect a whole new selection of thrifted goodies for fall.  I can't wait!
Ralph Lauren is untouchable in the fashion world.  Once again, I'm mesmerized by his styles for fall with varying price points.  Yes, it's true.  There are levels to his "ish" and they all have me in a frenzy.  Check out some of my picks from and drool....