Are you a little nervous about an upcoming interview?  Who wouldn't be?  Even the most confident person can have pre-interview jitters. Although you have little or no control over which the direction the interview questions might take, you can be sure that you're putting your best bag forward.  You can leave the attitude at home.  You know, the slouchy bag with studs, zippers, and extra long straps.  We're aiming for a look of professionalism and the style does matter.  Nappy Models prefer conservative structured bags, large enough to hold keys, phone (turned off), tablet, and pretty enough to be a hand rest for those restless fingers.  With the right bag, there's no need to worry about bulk or the fact that a long strap could land you a cool spot on your rear if you should become entangled.

Check out our pick below.  Bag #12 by Lauren Ralph Lauren along with CK pumps!
Today's featured bag is a gorgeous silk bag with large stripes of purple, fuchsia, plum, gold and peach.  This definitely would make an ideal match for all those bold lipsticks and eyeshadows that you're eager to wear this spring and summer.  Or, you could always opt for nude lips, natural makeup, and wear a white tee so that this lovely handbag can have undivided attention!
My choice is a bold lipstick by Wet N Wild and a white tee!

On April 24, 2015 Montevallo Elementary School had a free yard sale in the library. This yard sale was called Give One Get One (GOGO). The National Honor Society and GRC teamed up to make this fundraiser a success. You could bring clothes and shoes in good condition that you did not need or want. If you found something you liked, you could get it. Tons of items were given and many items found new homes.  This is another way MES gives back to the community.


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We all know the story of the three little pigs; how they built houses of sticks, straw, and bricks.  The first two piggies built their homes very quickly, but the third worked long and hard.  Well, Nappy Model, Loris, knows how long it takes and all the hard work involved in building a wardrobe that will stand the winds of time.  It includes classics mixed with a few trends, wood mixed with straw, for brick solid styles that last.

Check out our 10th featured bag, a straw clutch, shown with JS wooden cutout platforms and Vince pinstriped career trousers.
There's no better way to wrap up our Coachella style week than with our very own Nappy Model.  She nailed the boho chic look with a crochet maxi cardigan by Chicos, skinny jeans by Chip & Pepper, tan leather sandals by Gianni Bini, bag number 9 by BCBG Max Azria with accessories from Cato and 99 Cent Store.  Don't you just love the half fro plus a side African overbraid?  She's music festival ready, Coachella Valley Girl style, "Fer Shurr"!
It's day 8 and we're still drawing purses from our collection to feature daily for the next 22 days.  We're stepping away from the leathers momentarily, to feature a large straw bag that goes perfectly with denim and wooden accessories.  It's springy, lightweight, and just what you need to complete your Coachella-like style!
"Canadian tuxedo"?  I laugh.  Dudes have done the denim on denim every since Levi Strauss created workwear in the 1800's.  So, sorry to disappoint you trend followers, but "It ain't nothin' new!'  How do you wear it?  Anyway you want, silly.  Denim shirt with skirt, pants or even a denim blazer with a skirt for your next board meeting.  Yes, it's okay to take something old and bring something new to the office.  Try it!

Pictured below.  COH blazer, Lucky Brand skirt, and our 7th featured bag by Dooney & Bourke.  And oh, before I forget.  If you lose the jacket and wear a white tank with your skirt, you're ready for outdoor fun, Coachella style!
Beauty by BeBe Benjamin

A fashionista.
She dresses in used Thakoon.
Poetic motion.

It's called Haiku, Japanese poetry that dates back to the 9th century.  It's only 3 lines with the first and third line having 5 syllables, and the middle having seven.  That's short, simple, thought provoking almost like an entire fashion blog post in just 17 syllables.  Why the poetic mood?  It's my artful silk Thakoon dress with front pleat details so charming that I can't but feel like beauty in motion, only it's more like asphyxiation! 

For sale by BeBe Benjamin

Thakoon dress for sale
Saks Fifth Avenue beauty.
You must see and try! 

Check it out!


Bag # 6!


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Yes, I'm obsessed with leather bags, especially vintage.  The green color plus the gold hardware caught my eye on this drawstring leather bag by Anne Klein II.  There are no major flaws, the lining is still in tact and best of all, it goes great with my flats by BCBG Max Azria.
She's a regular on the Nappy Model circuit.  She's Jam Coshatt, beautiful, talented, simply one pearl of a young lady right down to the core, or should I say Newcleus.  Here she is in her own back yard, rocking that Coachella style with a Georgia Mae Jagger teeth tee, black shorts, cool sunglasses and rugged boots for hot daytime wear plus a denim jacket added for those chilly nights.

Jam on it, Jam!  Wiiki, wikki, wikki, wikki!