"Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  Fashion is over quickly.  Style is forever."  Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers with his collection of timeless blazers, boots, leather pants, plaid skirts, and more.  Each fall, I find myself coveting the looks of his runway models, checking his style guide, then running away to my own collection to find something similar.  It's back to black this season according to Lauren and I'm on board with all black ensembles with a pop of color.  Check out my RL inspired look:  leather cut offs, textured tights, Ralph Lauren jacket, Oscar de la Renta scarf, B. Mackowsky bag, and Alfani boots.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the National Breast Cancer Foundation helps to support women affected by the disease through early detection and education.   Their online shop site offers tees, hats, hoodies, tumblers, journals and 100% of all proceeds goes toward supporting their mission.   
Check out this thrifted pink elephant silk scarf by Vera Bradley showing their support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

It's getting hard out here for a snobby thrift shopper.  I only found 5 items last week: 2 purses, 2 summer necklaces, and a winter coat for Loris which amounts to one bad thrifting week.  The days of racking up bags of designer items are long gone which means I'm holding on to my good stuff; especially jeans.  My tush has become accustomed to luxury denim since becoming a fashion snob which means I must preserve my collection by using the tips below to keep them looking "gently used" longer.

To prevent your thrifted denim from fading any further:

1.  Turn jeans inside before washing
2.  Wash in cold water (no detergent) on delicate cycle adding one cup of regular household vinegar to help seal in the blue color
3.  Re-wash in cold water using cold water wash or Woolite
4.  Tumble dry on lowest cycle for 15 minutes (removing while still slightly damp)
5.  Let them air dry
6.  Use a warm iron if necessary before wearing

Nappy Models have put their de la Renta accessories on display as a tribute to fashion industry legend, Oscar de la Renta, who passed away on October 20, 2014.
I made quite a few trips to Montevallo last week and spied a new thrift store on Highway 25, Harpersville which is located literally seconds away from Highway 280.  The name of the store is Past Treasures and it's sure to hold something special for thrift store lovers; everything from clothing and accessories to painted furniture and home decor.  Take a look for yourself!
It's easy to create different looks using the same pieces.  For instance, I purchased this sweater dress a few years ago and have worn it since then with an oatmeal colored linen boyfriend blazer and on another occasion, I wore it with a wide braided leather belt and western boots (11/10/13).  Check out how this dress(10/25/14) can be worn a different way year after year.
I bet you didn't see this one coming, or maybe you did.  Since wearing cutoff leather shorts and leather mini's last fall and winter, over-the-knee boots couldn't be far behind.  First, I had to find a pair that actually fit and then find a way to make them look conservative.  Luckily, I had thrifted a black suede pair for $7.99 back during the summer which didn't fit at the time.  But, since I've started to walk daily, my legs have actually slimmed down a little and now I'm able to wear them.  Giving them a conservative look was simple:  leggings, lace, and linen.  I wore thick black leggings to help keep the boots from sliding down.  I wore a lace cami to keep the look feminine and then added a heavy linen boyfriend blazer to pull it all together.  This look can take you from the office to girls night out; a perfect outfit to start the weekend off right!
The wait is over!  You've seen some of the worst, now feast your eyes on some of fall's best boots from Dillard's!
Halloween parties can take place anytime between Oct. 1 and Nov. 1, but I'm dressed in costume all year long. You see, I'm going as Menopausal Woman and I didn't have to buy a thing.  Those dark circles under my eyes, that's no makeup.  That comes from tossing and turning all night because of those dang hot flashes. That stray gray chin hair, look closely and you'll find that it's not alone; just popped up overnight with his buddies. That wiry salt and pepper hair, I'm just too lazy to mess with it because a poor DIY job will only make it look worse. Stubborn belly fat; that's the real deal.  Even hours and hours of workouts are not enough to eliminate it.  All I need to complete the look is a slouchy tee with no bra, mom pants, and a partial mud mask.  Sorry, but I just can't do the 'no bra' thingy or the sloppy tee!

Check out the Menopausal Fashionista, fighting wrinkles and whitening teeth simultaneously!
I'm still in the process of getting rid of clothing and accessories and some of the items will be featured right here on nappymodelinc.com . I'm not sure if we will have another yard sale or simply donate them to a church affiliated thrift store but they will be going somewhere; not with me though.