People can get pretty creative when attempting to deceive the masses and thrift store owners aren't lagging behind with their crafty attempts to pad the pockets with more money to give to the less fortunate.  At least, that's what they would like us to believe.  My Saturday thrifting turned in sleuthing very quickly when I discovered a local thrift store with designer denim labeled as if they were new with stickers and all.  To be sure that my assumptions were correct, I asked a store employee, "Are the jeans with the stickers showing the waist size new?"  "Yes, they are new.  We didn't put those stickers on there." was her response.  She seemed a little agitated by my question, but I had to hear it from the horse's mouth before I could I prove that the horse was not telling the truth.  I had already checked out several brands on the rack, some visibly worn, others with hem alterations, yet labeled as new.  Then, what was going on with the brown tag with $50.00 shown on it, but the brands when new are well over a hundred dollars?  
Here's what I think.  When items are donated, the best brands are taken to another store, probably more along the lines of a consignment store where prices can be considerably higher than thrift stores.  That's why all of the different brands bore the same type of added on stickers and $50.00 price tags.  When the store owners are unable to sell them at that price, they move them over to their thrift store, leaving the tags, and marking them lower to $19.99. Keep in mind that these items are free donations and even $20.00 is a profit.  I understand that businesses have to make a profit in order to stay in business, but lying in the name of true religion and charity is just downright low down!

Honestly, I think I was more excited about seeing different thrift stores than seeing the beach itself.  I mean, the view is beautiful, emerald waters, sparkling sand, but I couldn't bag it up and bring it home with me!  The first stop which was less than 5 minutes from where we were staying was Path of Grace, a non-profit, Christian based charity (O, Lord! another one!) providing shelter, clothing, you know the rest!  Well, I wasn't really there to question their faith, beliefs, or check their tithing envelopes, but I did expect to find items priced reasonably.  Used belts from $10.00 to $50.00 (No, they weren't RL conchos either), non-leather bags, accessories, and clothing marked a lot higher than I usually pay and most of the items were not designer brands.  

Next, was Haven House Mission Church thrift store (Here we go again.) with the stench of mothballs so overwhelming that I almost did a u-turn as soon as I opened the door.  Still, in my mind, I just knew that I would get lucky and find a hidden treasure, but all I left with was an old granny's trunk smell in my sundress!

Finally, the Goodwll!  With all the "good" that they do, surely I "would" find something there.  Nah, I didn't!  Leather business tote for $35.00, used GB flats for $10.00, "Nah, I don't think so!"  So, I left the panhandle with an empty pan and a better chance of bagging up the beach and bringing it home!
I love the beach, but hate going to the beach.  Going means a 4 1/2 hour drive dragging almost every beauty product you own to keep your skin glowing and to prevent hair breakage.  When it comes to choosing denim cutoffs for my Teen Thrifter, that part was easy.  Check out the brands below to see which ones made the cut for our Florida trip!
Seventh grade has been one of the most expensive years ever with Beta Conventions, field trips, basketball camp, school pictures, yearbooks, etc.  So, when my 13 year old dropped a last minute bomb of wanting to go to her 7th grade Masquerade Ball, I told her that she couldn't have it all!  Outwardly she seemed to be unaffected by my decision, but knowing my daughter and myself, we both would be disappointed.  

What would she wear and where would I find it?  I didn't have much information to go on, except semi-formal. Spaghetti straps, strapless, splits, I mean we're talking 13 year olds, and I wanted my daughter to look her age. She's 5 ft 8  and heels are out of the question unless she's wearing a maxi.  Off I went looking for something that wasn't too revealing.  I had shopped four thrift stores without any luck when I decided to give America's Thrift Store in Pell City one last try.  I had almost given up when I spotted a sparkling rose colored sequin mini with flutter sleeves, size medium.  I sent a picture to her and she asked me to pick her up so that she could come and try it before I bought it.  She didn't go "ooh" and "ahh" when she saw it and trying it on over her clothes made it even less appealing to her.  I told her that it was all I could find, take it or leave it.  She decided to leave it.  Well, I tried.

I dropped her off thinking, I gave it my best shot.  Then I thought of her classmates who really wanted her to come and thought of all the fun she might have and the memories that would last for years to come.  So I drove to Shoe Dept. to see if they had sandals that might look cute with the dress that I left behind.  They had an assortment of metallic thong sandals that would be perfect.  I went back to the thrift store and thankfully no one had purchased the dress.  

I hand washed it and let it drip dry overnight and it was ready for Friday's ball.  Once she tried it on with her silver sequin and rhinestone sandals, she knew that I had made the right decision.  I styled her hair in her signature high bun, added a little pink glitter to her eyelids, silver body glitter to arms, silver lip gloss and she was sparkling all over.  I even polished her toenails white and topped with a coat of silver glitter polish.   

It wasn't easy and I was a nervous wreck when it was all over.  But, when I dropped her off and heard her friends say "You look soooo pretty!", I knew that I had done a mother's job...which by the way is never done!!! 
Swimsuits.  I just don't understand why they are priced so high!  There are nothing more than matching bra and panty set anyways, right?  Not only that, some are so ill fitted with cups that push your breasts over and out, while your butt cheeks just hang loose and drag around in the sand.  It's always a nightmare finding swimwear to fit my daughter's slim build with long waist.  Sure, I could spend a $100.00 or more, but the ocean will run dry before I even consider that.  There's always Kmart.  Unh, unh!  Tried there too and I think the designers were short on fabric when they reached the chest and priced at $40.00?  No ma'am!    
So, why don't you just cut off a pair of white jeans, with a white tank, strut down to the beach, strip down and jump in wearing your drawers.  Or, you could get lucky like Nappy Models with a new thrifted one piece swimsuit for $5.00!
It's the last day of our 30 day, 30 different bags review and this has really tried my patience.  I thought this day would never come and for the finale, we're featuring 3 bags by Steve Madden.  Why two?  Because I can't remember if I have posted one of them previously.  Told ya I was menopausal didn't I?  Or, did you forget? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed our past 30 days of bags.  What's next?  Who knows?  Stay tuned!

Bag #29



We're almost there!  This recent find is bringing us closer to the finish line.  It's a large vintage black and British tan messenger Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag.  For more photos and details, check out our Denim & Supply page!
This straw bag with croc print leather trim by Antonio Melani goes with everything from sundresses to shorts to jeans.  The neutral color works well with solids, prints, and is one of my favorite go to bags for summer!  Check out bag #27 accompanied by a matching straw hat!
It's bag #26, a perfect pick for spring with a woven straw pattern, leather trim/strap, and a adorable heart shaped logo which always brings to mind the story of how the brand begin.  It started when two high school sweethearts began to make men's leather belts and the rest is history.  Brighton has bags and accessories that Nappy Models can't help but fall in love with!