Nappy Model, Loris, is always on the go so her wardrobe consists of pieces that are wrinkle-free, easy to pack, and easy to wear.  Her Chico's pinstriped pants were worn with a basic racerback black tank, camel brown leather and elastic belt, tan leather wooden heel sandals by Gianni Bini, and a stunning starfish necklace borrowed from BeBe's summer collection.  With stylish pieces from Chico's, Loris can create an outfit that will take her any place she wants to go with ease!
I purchased a leather tank back in early summer and wore it for the first time today.  Even though the manufacturer recommended cleaning by a leather specialist, once again I tried my hand at what I call "bathtub cleaning".  I used cool water along with Dollar Tree's version of Woolite and it turned out quite nicely.  The rich chocolate colored leather tank was paired with dark denim and brown BCBG pumps.  I also wore a chocolate spaghetti strap tank underneath, a brown leather fringed choker, a Nappy Model design, and my leather B. Makowsky crossbody bag. When the weather is cooler, the leather tank will also look great worn with a long sleeve denim top, skinny jeans, and brown leather boots.  This was definitely a great investment piece to be worn in more ways than one.  How would you wear it?
There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, Dark & Lovely has wide array of beautiful hair colors.  I chose Red Hot Rhythm because the color closely matched what I've worn in the past and it's time to do something about my salt and pepper strands. I must admit that I haven't always achieved the results that I wanted.  The color has always been satisfactory but my hair is left in a much coarser and drier condition after usage.  Surely, the product has been improved since the last I used it, but I decided to do a hair color strand test to be on the safe side.  I mixed the color, left it on strands of hair removed from my comb, waited the recommended amount of time, and the color turned out nice for a box color.  But wait...after the hair air dried, it became so dry and brittle that I could crumble it with my fingers.  Well, the product hasn't improved after all.  The color is satisfactory but the condition of the hair is still offbeat. No more Dark and Lovely for me!
I have another stalker at a local thrift store.  Can you believe that?  Another one!  Well, this poor styleless soul actually works there but always manages to find me and tries to start a conversation with her eyes dead set on the items in my shopping cart.  Well, I know she's a phony.  You know how women can pick up on that rather quickly? But it wasn't until I caught her looking at me in a nasty sort of way that I started to completely ignore her while shopping.  Long story short.  I found a fake LV purse and saw her eyeing it when I left it on hold at the showcase while I went to pick up my daughter. Well, when I returned, the phony was gone with the fake.  It's so easy to spot a counterfeit, especially when it's a female.
So, it's football season and how do I know that?  Well, the sales associates at my favorite thrifting spot have started to wear their team t-shirts on Fridays, so that's how I know.  Even though Alabama is a hard core, die hard, college football state, I couldn't care less about the sport.  It's just a bunch of big ole' guys, mostly cute, stampeding down a football field and knocking the crap out of each other.  Okay, please don't stone me, but I don't know who coaches Alabama or Auburn and couldn't tell you the difference between SEC and CBS.  So, whenever I'm greeted with Roll Tide or War Eagle, I look puzzled and want to shout  "Nappy Model!"  But, if I had to choose between the two,  who would I select?.  I looked to my closet for the answer.  Do I have more crimson and white, or burnt orange and navy. Which combination would I be more likely to wear?  Well, the survey says........"Nappy Model?????!!!!!!!!
Back in the 70's, one of my white classmates urged me to "Let your hair down."  Little did she know that once my hair was up, there was no coming down until it was time to style it again.  We only wore our hair down for special occasions, Sundays, picture days at school, and that was pretty much it.  Why?  What was the big deal?  Well, our mothers didn't want us playing in our hair or even to let others play in it for a good reason.  If we came home with hair that had been visibly rearranged, we were in big trouble.  They knew how fragile natural hair was and too much twisting and pulling would eventually break it.  

The same rules apply almost 40 years later with my own daughter.  I'm still old fashioned with hair styling aids.  I still press hair with a pressing comb and not a flat iron.  I still use Suave and Bergamont hair grease and the hair is not worn down unless it's a special occasion.  My daughter wears easy twist and braid styles and guess what?  She has a head full of healthy hair and here are the pictures to prove it.  Yes, mother knows best!  "Keep your hands outta your hair and you'll keep some hair on your head!"
It's been a pretty good week for thrifting; especially for tops.  Nappy Models added 4 more to their collection including a linen, button up peplum with utility sleeves, and oversized paisley and floral print shirt from the men's section to wear with skinny jeans, a silky feel tunic, and a very unique silk top from Anne Klein with interesting prints.
Dillard's has it going on in more ways than one with sophisticated styles, super sales associates, top notch management, and a fireball of an executive store manager to boot.  I can always find something to ooh and aah about and you'll join me when you see what's going on in the handbags and accessories department.  Ausha Cameron, Coach specialist, gave us a quick rundown on what's on sale and now you don't have to wait any longer to purchase that new bag to carry into fall.  Stop in and take advantage of 30% off select styles of Coach, Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke and up to 65% off Antonio Melani.  Select from neutrals or bold colors which could be that extra POP! of color to wake up your fall wardrobe.
With Alabama temperatures still in the 90's, those who are anxiously waiting for fall weather can be a little impatient. "Hold your horses!"  Those cooler days will be here soon enough.  If you're not quite ready for the all over boots, why not bring out the mules?  Backless mules come in a variety of styles and heel heights and Nappy Models are putting them to work.  Check them out!
It's time to bring out the heavy weights.  You know, the best of the best.  Nothing says fall more than a rich leather, eye catching, sleek shoulder bag to pair with your denim, plaids, tweeds and other fall favorites.  Here's a Nappy Model pick, a thrifted croc embossed leather bag from Liz Claiborne that can stand toe to toe with Brahmin or should I say "shoulder to shoulder"?