The wait is over!  You've seen some of the worst, now feast your eyes on some of fall's best boots from Dillard's!
Halloween parties can take place anytime between Oct. 1 and Nov. 1, but I'm dressed in costume all year long. You see, I'm going as Menopausal Woman and I didn't have to buy a thing.  Those dark circles under my eyes, that's no makeup.  That comes from tossing and turning all night because of those dang hot flashes. That stray gray chin hair, look closely and you'll find that it's not alone; just popped up overnight with his buddies. That wiry salt and pepper hair, I'm just too lazy to mess with it because a poor DIY job will only make it look worse. Stubborn belly fat; that's the real deal.  Even hours and hours of workouts are not enough to eliminate it.  All I need to complete the look is a slouchy tee with no bra, mom pants, and a partial mud mask.  Sorry, but I just can't do the 'no bra' thingy or the sloppy tee!

Check out the Menopausal Fashionista, fighting wrinkles and whitening teeth simultaneously!
I'm still in the process of getting rid of clothing and accessories and some of the items will be featured right here on . I'm not sure if we will have another yard sale or simply donate them to a church affiliated thrift store but they will be going somewhere; not with me though.
It's been a while since I've shopped America's Thrift Store, Alabaster location.  Some remodeling took place back during the summer and I had to learn the new setup rather quickly.  As usual, I searched for denim first and after taking a look at some of the prices, I knew that I needed to inform my viewers of my findings.  The store is organized, fairly clean, and actually has dressing rooms now.  I just didn't understand why they chose not to mount the mirrors on the walls of the dressing rooms instead of placing them on the floor.  The selection of clothing was not too impressive and the few designer pieces that I found were significantly overpriced.  Even though there were holes and torn hemlines on some of the items, they were still priced as though they were gently used.  I spent at least a couple of hours looking at everything from clothing to furniture and almost left the store empty-handed.  My final stop was at the jewelry counter where I found two wooden necklaces that I loved and was surprised that they weren't priced higher.  Overall, this is not a store that I would recommend.  Check out some of the outrageous prices below and the wooden necklaces that I brought home.
You never really know just how much stuff you have accumulated until it's time to move.  At that point, you realize that you really don't need 100 bags or belts and it's time to part ways with some of it.  What do you keep?  What do you leave?  Sometimes you need someone who can be honest enough to tell you that you're a hoarder and that much of what you're hanging on to needs to go!  Loris.  HELP!

Take a look at a few pieces that I'm parting with.
My thrift store purchases have been next to nothing lately and I find myself just going through the motions, just to calm the nerves I suppose.  But, today I found a leather tote that caught my eye and so did the price tag, $14.99. Now, that's more than I've ever paid for a thrifted bag, the highest being $9.99 a few weeks ago.  I didn't tell Loris about that purchase, because she would think that I'm outta my mind.  Imagine the shock on her face when she finds out that I went even higher today.  
I had a conversation with myself about it and it didn't take very long to be convinced that it was worth the price. First, the colors: chocolate, leopard, and black leather would blend perfectly with the all the denim that I have been wearing lately.  Then, I fell in love with the medium size and silver hardware.  Next, was the catchy diva phrase "Fashion, chic, style, Are you ready? in studded and leopard raised letters.  Finally, it matched my boots perfectly.

To prevent a last minute change of heart, I remembered the times that I gassed up to shop in Birmingham only to find nothing which equated to wasted gas.  With this purchase made right here at home, I actually saved money on gas and found something that I loved: a fun,funky, fashion tote.

So, Loris, if you think I've gone mad...remember I had this conversation with myself, so C your way out!  LOL
It was Resurrection Sunday and the youth were leading devotion.  One young lady, probably in her early 20's, stood before the congregation with extra tight, ripped jeans, with the whole knee and parts of the thigh exposed. With mini skirts, stilettos, leggings, off the shoulder tops, midriffs peeking, cleavage exposed, thongs flashing, and tattoos showing everywhere, whatever happened to modesty?  It doesn't help that hip-hop has become a part of morning worship and instead of shaking the devil off, they are just plain ole shakin'.   In my day, the mothers of the church or the denim skirt wearing sisters, would pull you aside and say "Baby, that's not what you wear to church.  You know better. Here, put on this choir robe."  
What is it about a man in uniform that women find so attractive?  From firefighters to policemen, soldiers, doctors, and UPS drivers, uniforms command our attention, and our eyes can't help but take a quick look.  Is it their confidence?  Is it because they are well groomed?  Do they give off an aura of strength, responsibility, and employability?  Or, is it just a uniform swag?  Well, whatever the reason, we can't help but look.

Check out this vehicle and transportation specialist from Daytona Beach, Florida both in and out of uniform.  See? I made you look!
It's dull, dry, lifeless, cracked, peeling, and downright unattractive, so what can you do about it?  If I were you, I would trade it for something better. Get rid of that eye sore at Dillard's handbag trade-in event from October 22-26. Bring in any old bag, cheap, counterfeit, and get discounts ranging from $15.00 to $50.00 on regularly priced handbags.  Now is your chance to get the designer bag of your choice.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by! 
I want a body like a dancer.  No, not the kind who loves to make claims that they're simply "working their way through college.", but a classy broadway dancer.  Now, at my age, how am I suppose to achieve that look since I've never taken any type of dance lesson, I can't do a high kick, or a split?  While I look to Debbie Allen during her Fame years as my inspiration, I'm motivated to get toned abs, arms, and legs.  I've increased my exercise routine to 2 hours per day; 90 minutes in the mornings and 30 (sometimes more) in the evenings.  I stick with what works for me which is a combination of walking, jogging in place, back kicks, hula hooping, leg lifts, Just Sweat and I'm definitely seeing good results.  I plan to incorporate a lot of fitted tees, leggings, boots, and belted wraps into my fall wardrobe and though I will never dance on broadway, that doesn't mean I can't look like it.