Thrifting is serious business for Nappy Models and that extra dollar makes a big difference in whether or not I make a purchase.  These leather front leggings were $3.99, equestrian top $3.99, blazer $2.99.  That's how we thrift and get those rich looks for less.  Take tips from us and spend wisely even when you thrift!
Dear Ralph, I forgive you!  

Ralph Lauren is still my style crush even though he has forgotten to put a special gift package in the mail addressed to none other than me.  I should blame it on his assistant though, because a high fashion designer doesn't have time to mail packages in between runway shows.  So, until I receive my concho belt or leather choker, I've created a Ralph Lauren inspired look with pieces that I already own:  a camel colored suede wrap skirt with fringes, a white button down shirt from the men's department, a wide suede belt adorned with different coins, a turquoise and brown choker from Burkes Outlet, and tan suede platform stilettos from Baker Shoes.  Nailed it!
My wardrobe choices are limited these days and I find myself wearing pieces over and over again.  For instance, I've worn a black jumpsuit once a week for the past three weeks.  That's not usually how I roll, but because of these extra rolls I've failed to rid myself of, I have no other choice but to put certain pieces on heavy rotation.  My black jumpsuit has been getting a lot of action.  I simply change my belt, shoes, and jewelry and I'm struttin' my stuff like a proud peacock!  Today, I added a black stretch belt with a peacock print buckle, snakeskin pumps, and brought new life to an old favorite!
While out thrifting Saturday at a store called Open Doors Thrift in Anniston, several pair of men wingtip shoes caught my eye.  We borrow from the guys all time, right ladies?  We've all heard of wearing "boyfriend" jackets, shirts, jeans, and blazers to create a slightly casual, slightly male inspired look.  What about "boyfriend shoes"?  
There's something powerful and very stylish about wingtips.  I visualize a corporate executive, corporate attorney and many other positions that women are holding.  While we may not be able to wear our "boyfriends" actual wingtips, there are ladies styles available.  Go ahead and be powerful, stylish, but ladylike!
Nappy Models are big on style and bigger on higher education.  I have a B.S. General Biology along with a Wealth Management Specialist designation.  Loris leads the pack with a B.S. Speech Language Pathology (with a double minor in Deaf Studies and Psychology) and also a M.Ed. Collaborative Education.  Now, we're adding Ph.D to our list of credentials. That's right.  We both have completed research intensive programs in disciplines related to denim fashions.  We're the experts here at Denim Edu and what really makes us smart is how we can take a few wardrobe essentials to create looks at the doctoral level!  Take a look!
I walked into Dillards on Tuesday, approached a very young sales associate and said, "I'm a teacher (which I am) and we have Casual Fridays (actually my Casual Friday can be any day of the week) on which we can wear denim. Which jeans would you recommend?" Her first response was "Miss Me", but when I explained that the back pocket design was a little too much, she quickly gave me tips to share with educators on how to go from from teacher to "Celebrity Teacher" in a matter of minutes. While I went to get my camera, she re-dressed a mannequin (Yes, she did that for me.) in a silky chambray top and soft skinny jeans both by Celebrity Pink and the icing on the cake was a suede fringed vest by Sugar Lips. She suggested that I add pumps or peep toe fringed booties for a star studded look. Who knows? With this outfit, a teacher could easily be nominated for "Teacher of the Year!"
BeBe and Loris of Nappy Model Inc have said "I do." to the union of old world elegance with modern styles and are hitting the streets still basking in newly wedded bliss.  Incorporating vintage pieces into your wardrobe can bring character plus a feeling of newness into pieces that you already own.  A cameo brooch will add a polished and oh so sophisticated look to a structured blazer with a button up oxford shirt underneath.  Play up your feminine side by adding layers of pearls to your basic tee.  Look glamorous in an up do with pearl earrings and striking in oversized sunglasses.  Top a simple tank with a beaded coverlet or pair a mink stole with your favorite skinny jeans and pumps.  With a marriage of old and new, you can create dazzling looks for any season.
I have a really good friend. Not the fair weather kind, but the "I'll be there for you in any type of weather" kind, whether it be natural forces of nature or inclement emotional weather.  I'm very grateful and so careful not to take his kindness and generosity for weakness.  So, I make very few material requests and even then, they are carefully thought out, no "due by" dates and always at the best price available.  

For example, I mentioned that I liked Prada Candy perfume and even searched for the best value.  It didn't matter if I received it for Valentine's Day, my birthday (July), or even next Christmas.  No big deal, it's just perfume.  The best deal would be a gift set, of course.  Aha!  Macy's had a gift set of a 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum and a 2.5 oz Body lotion for $88.00 (Re. $109.00) enclosed in a beautiful heart shaped box and with free shipping!  To my surprise, I received even more of this sweet, seductive blend of caramel, vanilla, white musks, and benzoin that I had hoped for.  I received a 2.7 oz perfume, 2.5 oz shower gel, and 2.5 body lotion.  I wanted less for less, but he gave me more because he wanted me to have it and it didn't matter about the extra cost.  Somebody somewhere thinks you are priceless.  Appreciation may not come it the form of material things, but even knowing that you are fondly thought of is precious as well.  I'm feeling very thankful today while smelling very delicious.

I'll wear my heart on my sleeve, around my neck, or even carry it in my hand if I want.  If I love someone or some thing, I'm going to show it for all the world to see. Why should I disguise my emotions or love it from a distance? 
My heart is a necessity and it's also an accessory.  It's the center of of every outfit that I coordinate and the little extras added to make it pop!  This fuchsia and black "Be My Wonderful" satchel by Betsey Johnson is a necessary accessory.  This ultra-femme, faux leather, quilted heart patterned satchel, adorned with a grosgrain bow and logo charm will have you singing "I got love all over me".  To be ladylike and in love deserves more than just a spot on your sleeve.